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Important of FOSS

Why Is FOSS Important Open source software is everywhere. FOSS users and  developers across all industries and academia can  benefit from its use. FOSS is extremely easy to  download and the acquisition of open source software typically circumvents any traditional software procurement processes you may have in place. If you have open source software that you do not […]

Basic Linux Interview Question and Answers

Linux Basic Interview Question and Answers 1.Who is the founder of Linux ? A Linux Torvalds. 2. In which year linux was invented ? A 1991 – In This year Linux was introduced by Linux Torvalds. 3. WHAT IS LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM Linux is a free and open source operating system, Linux is always free for […]

How is BASH different from DOS command prompt

In this post we are going to see How is BASH different from DOS command prompt. At the heart of every modern Mac and Linux computer is the “terminal.” The terminal evolved from the text-based computer terminals of the 1960s and ’70s, which themselves replaced punch cards as the main way to interact with a computer. […]

Why BASH in Linux

What is BASH in Linux BASH = Bourne Again Shell Bash is a shell written as a free replacement to the standard Bourne Shell (/bin/sh) originally written by Steve Bourne for UNIX systems. It has all of the features of the original Bourne Shell, plus additions that make it easier to program with and use from the command […]

Why Linux OS is Better

The Linux OS better and effective one compare to other operating system, but it is difficult handle Linux OS, below points are mentioned why linux os is better compare to others os. Forget about viruses Free Distribution No License Is your system unstable Linux protects your computer Freedom Too many windows? Use workspaces Better Performance. […]