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Father Of Linux OS

Who is Father Of Linux OS Linus Benedict Torvalds born December 28, 1969 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish American software engineer and hacker, who was the principal force behind the development of the Linux kernel. Linus Torvalds began a project that later became the Linux kernel. It was initially a terminal emulator, which Torvalds […]

What is Open Source

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a non-profit corporation with global scope formed to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community. Open source is a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of […]

Linux History

The History of Linux began in 1991 with the commencement of a personal project by a Finnish student, Linus Torvalds, to create a new operating system kernel. Since then, the resulting Linux kernel has been marked by constant growth throughout its history. Since the initial release of its source code in 1991, it has grown […]

Best Linux Mail Clients

The Famous Linux Mail Clients and Best Linux Mail Clients are Thunderbird GNUmail Kmail Pygmy Evolution Claws Mail Zimbra Desktop and so on About Email Clients An email client, email reader, or more formally mail user agent (MUA), is a computer program used to access and manage a user’s email. Popular locally installed email clients include […]

Web Application Server For Linux OS

This post for mainly for dedicating to webmasters and web developers…. Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat , Send mail (mail server), BIND (DNS Server), Squid (Proxy server). JBoss Resin J2EE Nginx LAMP (Linux Apache MySql and PHP) Lighttpd Tornado WEBrick and so on…. Define Web Server A web server is a specialized type of file server. Its […]