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List Of IITs In India

List Of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) In India IIT – Madras IIT – Bombay IIT – Delhi IIT – Kanpur IIT – Kharagpur IIT – Bhubaneswar IIT – Ghandi Nagar IIT – Guwahati IIT – Hyderabad IIT – Indore IIT – Jodhpur IIT – Mandi IIT – Patna IIT – Roorkee IIT – Ropar […]

A Brief History of the Internet

Even in the wildest dreams of science-fiction and fantasy writers, few envisioned anything that offers the level of potential that the Internet now provides for sharing information on a worldwide basis. For both businesses and individuals, the Internet is now the medium of choice, largely because it enables you to present your wares to the entire world on […]

Learn Linux From Harvard and MIT University For Free

Linux Foundation offers an edX development course, which follows the lines of massive open online course (MOOC) platform. The course is developed by MIT and Harvard Universities. The Linux Foundation will offer a Linux development course on edX, on the lines of the massive open online course (MOOC) platform, which is developed by the Massachusetts […]

Foss Quotes

Open Source Quotes “Creating a successful open source community isn’t a quick or easy effort, but it’s one that takes time, investment and a willingness to listen.”  By Matt Hicks(Red Hat Engg)

Linux Recent Survey

In a recent survey 93% of employers plan to hire a Linux professional. So many Linux Training Academy is designed to help your academic institution prepare students to become Linux and Open Source professionals. Linux Recent Survey