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How to Install Robo linux OS Version 7.1

Backup all of your important existing data on your Windows machine. Most PC Users have a backup, make sure you do this before you proceed! Download Robolinux32 or Robolinux64 to your Windows PC Desktop. Note: If you don’t know whether your PC or laptop has a 32 or 64  bit processor, then simply google the make […]

How To Create Bootable Linux USB Drive

Follow these steps to create bootable Linux in USB Drive. 1. Download the version of Linux you wish to install in USB drive 2. Download Unetbooin application from 3. Open the application Unetbooin 4. Select the second option “Diskimage” and select ISO mode 5. Make sure you have selected the correct location of your […]

How to Install Mozilla Thunderbird 15 in Linux OS

Get the award-winning email application from Mozilla. Import your existing mail and enjoy our new features like tabbed email and advanced search. v.24.3.0, released: February 4, 2014 Check out what’s new and known issues for this version of Thunderbird below. Thunderbird is an email program developed by Mozilla. Thunderbird is a great email client from […]

How To Use tar File in Linux OS

How to install a .tar.gz (or .tar.bz2) file When i started linux it was very difficult to me to install a software,but in windows we can easy to install a software using .exe file but in linux every thing is command to install a software in Terminal,Today i am sharing How To Install tar File […]

How To Install Ruby in Linux OS

Installing Ruby in Linux OS Debian GNU/Linux uses the apt package manager system. (So does Ubuntu.) You can use it like this:  $ sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1   Yes, this will install Ruby 1.9.2. It has a ‘library compatibility version’ of 1.9.1, hence the name. If you install the ‘ruby’ package, you’ll get the older Ruby 1.8. […]