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How To Uninstall Opera Browser in Linux OS

If you want to uninstall a copy of Opera that was installed via one of the tar packages, switch to root via the ‘su’ command (or preface the following with ‘sudo’) and issue the command: uninstall-opera If you receive any error along the lines of ‘uninstall-opera: command not found’ you can also try one of […]

How To Install Opera Browser In Linux OS

Download the latest stable build from here. The website should help you select the right package. You should also check if your distribution already offers Opera directly in their own repositories, many do for example Arch, Gentoo, LinuxMint, openSUSE, Pardus, Salix, etc. If for some reason you are getting the packages directly from the Opera FTP server, […]

Installing Ubuntu Linux Dual Boot

Linux Dual Boot Ubuntu With Windows 7 Ubuntu is a community developed operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. Whether you use it at home, at school or at work Ubuntu contains all the applications you’ll ever need, from word processing and email applications, to web server software and programming tools.Installing Ubuntu […]

Booting and Installing Kali Linux From USB

Booting and installing Kali from a USB stick is our favorite and fastest method of getting up and running. In order to do this, we first need to create the Kali ISO image on a USB drive. If you would like to add persistence to your Kali Linux USB stick, please read the full document […]

Kali Linux OS Dual Boot with Windows

How To Install Kali Linux OS Dual Boot with Windows Installing Kali along side a Windows installation can be quite useful. However, you need to exercise caution during the setup process. First, make sure that you’ve backed up any important data on your Windows installation. Since you’ll be modifying your hard drive, you’ll want to […]