Learn Linux From Harvard and MIT University For Free

By | 08/03/2014

Linux Foundation offers an edX development course, which follows the lines of massive open online course (MOOC) platform. The course is developed by MIT and Harvard Universities.

The Linux Foundation will offer a Linux development course on edX, on the lines of the massive open online course (MOOC) platform, which is developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The move is part of an edX effort to expand its course offerings to include content from non-academic institutions.

MOOC will offer the same material that is taught in its introduction to Linux class. It content is designed for people with little to no-experience in Linux open-source OS. People can start taking the MOOC, this summer, while the precise date will be declared, next month.

Learn Linux From Harvard and MIT University For Free

The Linux class will be free and available to anyone with a Web connection. However, the foundation normally charges $ 2,500 for the course that is already taught online and in person via authorized training partners.

Previously, all edX content came from the Linux Foundation’s 32 member schools that include University of California, (Berkeley), Dartmouth College and McGill University.
The non-academic institutions that will join the edX exercise include International Monetary Fund, The Smithsonian Institution and Inter-American Development Bank. Seven academic institutions that joined edX members are from the likes of Colgate University, Hamilton College and Open Courseware Consortium.

According to PC World, Linux Foundation director, Jim Zemlin, noted that the OS helps run stock exchanges, Android smartphones and many cloud computing services. EdX courses offer an affordable and easy way to help solve the Linux talent shortage.
He said, “Linux has just seen this insane adoption across every sector of technology,” he said. “That’s all great but as use of Linux rises we need to keep up with demand. This is a way for people to get familiar with Linux.”

Anant Agarwal, president of edX, said, “Many of our students are looking for courses on topics that enable them to get a better job or bridge skill gaps, and Linux is one example. A verified certificate from the Linux Foundation would have a lot of credibility in the marketplace.”Learn Linux From Harvard and MIT University For Free

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Learn Linux From Harvard and MIT University For Free

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